Athletics : Our Sports Teams and Facilities
At Doon Public School, we believe in the importance of physical fitness and the development of sportsmanship skills from an early age. Even in kindergarten, we offer various athletic opportunities for our students to engage in sports activities and develop their physical abilities. As one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we are committed to providing topnotch sports teams and excellent facilities to support our students' athletic pursuits.

Sports Teams :
In our kindergarten section, we introduce students to a range of age-appropriate sports activities. Our dedicated coaches and teachers work closely with the students, fostering a love for sports and helping them build fundamental skills. Some of the sports activities offered in our kindergarten section include:

Mini Athletics :
  • ➣ This program focuses on developing basic athletic skills like running, jumping, and throwing in a fun and engaging way.

  • Soccer :
  • ➣ Students are introduced to the basic concepts of soccer, learning skills such as dribbling, passing, and teamwork.

  • Gymnastics :
  • ➣ Students explore basic gymnastics movements, improve flexibility, and enhance body coordination.

  • Basketball :
  • ➣ Introduction to the fundamental skills of basketball, including dribbling, shooting, and passing.

  • Swimming :
  • ➣ Water safety skills and basic swimming techniques are taught to familiarize students with the pool environment.

  • Skating :
  • ➣ The club provides an oppurtunity to all those who are interested in improving their skating skills and also to the freshers,who want to learn how to skate.

  • Yoga :
  • ➣ One of the many great aspects of yoga is that it can be modified to support any age, goal and ability level.

  • Dance :
  • ➣ Its curriculum offers age appropriate exposure to developmental milestones through dance and sensory-motor activities while nurturing the bond between caregiver and child.

  • Tour : Our Campus and Facilities
    Welcome to Doon Public School, where we provide a stimulating and engaging environment for our students. Our campus boasts a wide range of facilities that are designed to enhance the learning experience and promote creativity. Let's take a virtual tour of some of the thematic classrooms and other key facilities that we offer:

    Jungle Room :
  • ➣ Step into our Jungle Room, where students can explore the wonders of nature. The room is decorated with vibrant foliage, animal murals, and educational displays that spark curiosity and imagination. This immersive environment fosters a love for wildlife and environmental awareness.

  • Aqua Room :
  • ➣ Dive into the Aqua Room, a captivating space that brings the underwater world to life. With its aquatic-themed decorations, including fish tanks, ocean murals, and colorful marine life visuals, students can embark on an imaginative journey through the deep blue sea.

  • Library :
  • ➣ Our library is a treasure trove of knowledge and a cozy haven for book lovers. Students can immerse themselves in a wide range of books, from educational resources to popular fiction and fairy tales. The library provides a quiet space for reading, research, and exploration.

  • Fairy Tale Room :
  • ➣ Enter the Fairy Tale Room, where classic stories come to life. Decorated with enchanting illustrations, fairy tale characters, and cozy reading corners, this room fosters a love for storytelling and imaginative play.

  • Beach Room :
  • ➣ Step into the Beach Room, where students can experience the sights and sounds of a beach vacation. Decorated with seashells, sand, beach chairs, and beachthemed artwork, this room creates a relaxing and fun-filled atmosphere for learning.

  • Cat Room :
  • ➣ The Cat Room is a delightful space designed to engage young minds. Adorned with playful cat-themed decorations, students can enjoy interactive activities that promote early literacy, numeracy, and sensory exploration.

  • Auditorium :
  • ➣ Our spacious auditorium is a hub for various school events, assemblies, and performances. Equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, it provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and participate in cultural activities.

  • Music Room :
  • ➣ Our music room is a place where students can discover their musical talents and develop a passion for music. Filled with musical instruments, students can explore various rhythms, melodies, and harmonies, fostering their creativity and musical abilities.
  • These thematic classrooms and facilities are designed to create immersive and engaging learning environments that inspire our students' curiosity and foster a love for learning. We invite you to explore our campus and experience firsthand the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere at Doon Public School.