At Doon Public School, we are proud to offer a curriculum that blends the renowned High Scope approach with Indian standards, providing a holistic and culturally relevant education for our students. As the best American grade school and a top international school in Coimbatore, we are committed to fostering the development of well-rounded individuals who are prepared for success in a globalized world.

High Scope Approach Blended with Indian Standards:
The High Scope approach forms the foundation of our curriculum, focusing on active learning, hands-on experiences, and child-led exploration. We believe that this approach aligns perfectly with Indian values, traditions, and educational standards, allowing us to create a well-balanced and culturally inclusive learning environment.

Toddlers (1 to 2 years):
  • In our toddler program, we provide a nurturing and safe environment where young learners can explore and develop foundational skills. Through play-based activities, sensory experiences, and language development exercises, we promote their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. Our experienced educators understand the unique needs of toddlers and ensure a stimulating learning environment that supports their growth.
  • Playgroup (2 to 3 years):
  • Our playgroup program builds upon the toddler stage and focuses on fostering creativity, imagination, and social skills. Children engage in age-appropriate activities that encourage cognitive development, language acquisition, and fine and gross motor skill refinement. We provide a supportive and interactive environment where children learn through play, fostering their natural curiosity and nurturing their love for learning.
  • Discoverers (3 to 4 years):
  • The Discoverers program is designed to ignite children's enthusiasm for learning and further develop their cognitive abilities. Through a combination of structured lessons and hands-on experiences, children explore various subjects, such as language, mathematics, science, and the arts. We encourage their natural curiosity and provide opportunities for problem-solving, critical thinking, and social interactions. Our dedicated educators create a positive and engaging learning environment that lays a strong foundation for future academic success.
  • Explorers (4 to 5 years):
  • In the Explorers program, we focus on expanding children's knowledge, skills, and abilities in preparation for primary school. Our curriculum encompasses language development,numeracy skills, scientific exploration, social studies, and creative expression. We encourage independent thinking, collaborative learning, and the development of self-confidence. Children engage in projects, group activities, and hands-on experiments, enabling them to make connections between concepts and real-world experiences.
  • Adventurers (5 to 6 years):
  • The Adventurers program serves as a bridge between early childhood education and primary school. We prepare children for a smooth transition by honing their literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum promotes project-based learning, research, and independent inquiry. We foster a love for learning and encourage children to become active participants in their education. Through engaging activities and a supportive environment, we empower them to embrace new challenges and reach their full potential.
  • As the best American grade school and a top international school in Coimbatore, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that blends the High Scope approach with Indian standards. Join us at Doon Public School and give your child a strong foundation for academic success and personal growth.